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-PHASE Nepal Team


Create Opportunities in Communities for Self-Empowerment

Providing immediate support through health care and education services

PHASE supported health centres have treated over 550,000 patients and we can confidently assert that on average



PHASE Nepal is guided by its humanitarian policies that actively nurture all aspects of human rights from within our programmes.



PHASE ensures that local actors participate in the selection of the priorities to be pursued in their local area and in decision-making about the strategy.



In PHASE projects, local stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process and community activities.



Whenselecting project areas, PHASE Nepal analyses available information about the geographical cluster based on the Human Development

PHASE envisions a self-empowered and self-sustained society where all kinds of discrimination are absent.

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We specialize in improving healthcare, education services, livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations and disaster risk
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Furnished livelihood opportunities to 15,603 people. After the disastrous earthquakes in Nepal in 2015
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It′s headquarters is located in Kathmandu with a main office in Thimi, Bhaktapur.

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